Pricing and Payment Information

If you’ve never practiced with us before, your first class with Red Owl Yoga is always FREE!


After that, you have the following options:


  • Drop-In: $15 (Yoga teacher rate: $5)
  • 8 week registered session: $80 (fee will be prorated if a statutory holiday falls on a class day)
  • One month unlimited: $80
  • Three months unlimited: $210
  • *NEW* Six months unlimited: $400


We accept cash, cheques and e-transfers. If paying with cash, exact change is appreciated. Please make out all cheques to “Red Owl Yoga”. E-transfers can be sent to

Gift Certificates are also available in any denomination of your choosing.

Please note that Red Owl Yoga does not offer refunds.


Effective September 6, 2016, Red Owl Yoga’s payment and class options are changing! We are returning to registered classes, with the option to purchase a monthly unlimited pass. Read our FAQs below for more information.

What is the new structure for payment and registration at Red Owl?
We will be running 8 week sessions for all classes we offer at Red Owl starting September 5th. You will have to register for a class and payment will be collected before the start date of the session. The 8 week sessions will run continually all year long. We will take a 2-week break over the Christmas holidays.

Can I still purchase monthly unlimited passes?
Yes! we will still be offering one, three and six month unlimited passes to our students, valid for any of the classes we offer (only exception is the karma classes on Fridays as we are asking for cash donations for local charities).


What is the cost to take one class a week for the 8 weeks?
If you sign up for one class a week, the 8 week session will cost $80. If a statutory holiday falls on a class day during the 8-week session, the class fee will be prorated (e.g., if you sign up for a class on Mondays during the September-October session, you will be charged $60 to reflect the Labour Day and Thanksgiving Monday stat holidays).


What if I want to take 2 classes a week for the 8 weeks?
That’s great! The cost would be $160 for the 8 weeks.
However, if you are going to be taking 2 classes a week, then you might as well purchase a monthly pass for $80 a month and take all the classes you would like to for the month!


What if I miss a class during the session?

There will be sign in sheets every class so we can keep track of attendance. If you miss a week, no problem, you are welcome to do the make up class at any point in the 8 week session.

What if I can only do part of a session?
We will accommodate the participants that are taking the full session, and if there is room, we will allow participants to register for part of the session. Prices will be prorated. (E.g. You will be going on holiday for half of the 8 week session. If there is room in the class after we have allowed participants to register for the full session, you will be able to register for the 4 weeks you are here for $40.)


What will the schedule be for September to December?
We plan to offer the following classes starting in September:
Monday 11:30 Gentle Hatha
Monday 12:30 Slow Flow
Tuesday 11:30 Vinyasa Flow
Tuesday 12:30 Hatha Yoga
Tuesday 4:45 Yoga Nidra
Wednesday 11:30 Vinyasa Flow
Wednesday 12:30 Yin/Restorative
Thursday 11:30 Hatha Yoga
Thursday 12:30 Vinyasa Flow
Thursday 4:45 Vinyasa Flow
Friday 11:30 Karma Yoga


What if I still have a valid “punch pass” with unused classes?

You can still use your punch pass to attend classes between now and September. As of September 6th, the value of any unused classes on your punch pass ($10 per class) will be credited towards a registered 8-week session of your choice. For instance, if you have 2 classes remaining on your punch pass, you will receive a $20 credit towards a registered session.

Why change to this payment model now?
In August, Red Owl turns 3 years old! We are happy to be celebrating another year of yoga, but unfortunately the consistency in attendance for our classes has not improved since Eileen transitioned to Red Owl. As a business, we have to make changes that allow us to financially keep offering yoga classes here.
This is the model Eileen used for the first 6 years she taught in the downtown core and found it very successful for both the company and the participants, as it allows for accountability to a regular practice.

What if just want to drop in? Can I still do that?
We will allow drop-ins to classes that are not full. The price for a drop in will remain at $15 per class.


What if I still have questions?

Talk to our instructors, or email us at info at