• April Zoom Registration!

    Hi everyone!

    A warm and sunny Aloha to you all! I am super excited to be sharing another month of yoga live from Honolulu.

    All classes will run from 11:30am -12:15pm MST (Edmonton time) I will be continuing with a short meditation after the class for those that are interested :)

    Class schedule:

    April 6 - Vinyasa
    April 7 - Vinyasa
    April 8 - Hatha/SAY
    April 13 - Vinyasa
    April 14 - Vinyasa
    April 15 - Hatha/SAY
    April 20 - Vinyasa
    April 21 - Vinyasa
    April 22 - Hatha/SAY
    April 27 - Vinyasa
    April 28 - Vinyasa
    April 29 - Hatha/SAY

    For the meditation these next few weeks, I would like to introduce the chakras and their associated seed (bija) mantras. We will be focusing on a different chakra and their energetic properties when we come to meditate for the next few weeks.

    Looking forward to another month of coming together to share time and space friends.

    Meet you on the mat,

    Zoom Schedule