• October Zoom Registration!

    I am happy to announce that October Zoom registration is now open. I will be teaching a mix of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Self Awakening Yoga.

    As we gather in October, I hope to create a space where we can all feel safe to be ourselves, a space where we can challenge ourselves to become a little bit more of who we want to be. We will encourage our bodies and minds to become more fluid and flexible through meditation and breathwork. I teach from a space of joy and love, hoping to share some positive vibes with all of you on your journey <3

    I will be offering 11 classes this month and the cost will be $50. Registration for Hatha/SAY is $20 for the 4 classes.

    The class dates and styles will be as follows:

    October 5 - Vinyasa
    October 6 - Hatha/SAY
    October 7 - Vinyasa
    October 8 - Vinyasa
    October 9 - Hatha/SAY
    October 14 - Vinyasa
    October 15 - Vinyasa
    October 16 - Hatha/SAY
    October 17 - Vinyasa
    October 28 - Vinyasa
    October 29 - Hatha/SAY
    October 30 - Vinyasa

    Class times will run from 11:30am - 12:15pm.

    Please do share this with any friends or family that you
    think may be interested in joining us for an awesome time matside <3 I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, if you do not have the funds at this time,
    please email me and we will make something work.

    Zoom Schedule