• Thank You from Red Owl Yoga

    Our last class at the Citadel will take place on Thursday, December 21, 2017. Thank you for your support. For more information, please click below.


What’s New at Red Owl

Outdoor Yoga is back!

Red Owl is teaming up once again with the Edmonton Arts Council to celebrate summer in the city with free outdoor yoga […]

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Light Your Inner Fire with Red Owl Yoga's Six-Week Challenge!

Are you looking to take your practice to the next level? We’re stoked to offer a great way to challenge […]

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Teacher spotlight: Chris

Last day of TEACHER SPOTLIGHTS! We finish off with Chris. What is your favorite yoga asana? “That’s tough. Every day […]

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Red Owl Yoga Instructors


Upcoming Workshops

Find out what workshops we are currently offering or have ongoing at Red Owl Yoga.

    Yoga Nidra, also known as “yogic sleep”, is a practice of deep relaxation through guided meditation. Originating in India, Yoga Nidra has been used to reduce stress, improve mental focus, and generate emotional balance. It’s suitable for all levels of ability as it is practiced in complete stillness. Beginners are welcome. Join Erin for Yoga Nidra each Tuesday at 4:45 pm in room 120, Canada Place.

  • Winter Workshop Yoga Series

    Six weeks. Six teachers. Six diverse practices that will light your fire this winter. Join us in the beautiful country setting of Hastings Lake each Tuesday evening from November 17 to December 22.


Karen N.

Yoga Student / Red Owl Yoga

“I suffer from a rare form of rheumatism, unable to enjoy walking, sitting or just being able to movewithout pain. Since I started practicing yoga my specialist have noticed the flexibility and strengthwithin my joints, which we both attributed to Eileen’s Yoga workouts.Eileen is a great teacher. She has a deep and thorough understanding and appreciation for the Artof Yoga. She encourages each student in the most positive way to reach their full potential and yetnever pushes anyone to do something that their body is not ready for. She provides excellent stepby step instructions on how to flow in and out of poses to achieve maximum benefit and avoid injury.”


Lyndia P.

Yoga Student / Read more

“I’ve been practicing with Eileen for just over two years now and was surprised by my own progress in the physical and mental aspects of yoga that she facilitates in her classes. She has really challenged and supported me the whole way. Not only were the lunch-time classes a welcome activity break from my desk job, but it also helped me to practice releasing the kinds of pressure in life and work that contribute to negative stress. I could be present on my yoga mat for 50 minutes and then come back to the office and resume my tasks with a clear and more focused mind. It surprised me that even these short classes could have such positive impacts. The corporate classes were so enjoyable that I have also attended Eileen’s retreats and evening classes too! Eileen’s teaching style and fantastic positive energy make yoga with her a real enjoyable and rewarding experience.”


Tamara Kane

Yoga Student / Red Owl Yoga

“Going to Red Owl Yoga is like coming home! Each time I take a break from the mat and I get back to it at Red Owl with the abundance of natural lighting, the wide open practice space, and the smorgasbord of yoga types to choose from,  I am reminded to the core of my being just how much I need yoga to balance and restore myself”.