Teacher spotlight: Megan

Its day 3 of TEACHER SPOTLIGHTS! Yippee. Here is Megan!
What is your favorite yoga asana? -“urdvha dhanurasana (full wheel pose).”

What do you like most about teaching? “I love watching students as they progress and become more comfortable in their bodies. I especially love seeing a student get into an asana that they have been struggling with for a while.”

What is your favorite non-yoga activity? “other than the yoga studio, the theatre is my second home. I love the feeling I get when I am in a theatre, so I feel especially blessed that I get a 2 for one package deal when I’m at Red Owl. Both of my favourite things in one place!”

One things we don’t know about you? “I have an extensive collection of old movie musicals. I love to travel. I was once an avid kickboxer. I love dogs. And I think I might hold the world record for best Tetris score.”