Teacher spotlight: Johnny

Day 4 of TEACHER SPOTLIGHTS. Get to know our newest member of Red Owl Yoga – Johnny!

My favorite Asana… “I actually don’t know the name of it. A teacher friend of mine called it Phoenix when she saw me do it the first time, but google does not agree. Essentially, it starts as crow, but then remove the legs from the equation and send them out behind/above you… so you’re just balancing on chatarunga arms. As my float back to chatarunga developed, this just sort of happened, and I realized that I can hold it there. Really fun way to float back… now if I can only figure out how to breath at the same time!! Haha!”

What I most like about teaching… “I’m really enjoying the thought process before the actual class right now. I’ve been told that I care too much, but I plan my sequences before hand and then work through a sadhana or 2 with the plan to see how the flow of it feels. I’d like to think that this effort is part of the reason that I see big smiles on the faces of students as they’re leaving.”

My favorite non-yoga activity… “Camping!! Realistically, it’s more like “glamping” (glamorous camping) but whatever. My daughter and I have decided to make sacrifices in other parts of our world in order to live a minimalistic life… in a van down by the river! We spend from early May until mid October living in our camper at a campsite. Maybe one of these day we’ll do some actual camping… up a 4×4 trail and with a tent, but for now… we “Glamp”. Campfire and marshmallows almost every night… life is good!”

One thing you don’t know about me…. “Hmmmmm… I kind of stumbled into my YTT. Given my work schedule, I never in a million years expected to find a teacher training that would fit into my life. I had at one point expressed interest, combined with slight disappointment… and suddenly a very dear friend of mine was putting on a teacher training with 2 schedule options… BOTH of which fit into my world (aside from having to miss some time with my little girl). Naturally I felt like it was meant to be, so I signed up with the sole intention of deepening my practice. That intention grew, and I had a desire to explore and “teach a class or 2″. I then desired to have a full circle effect and teach one class at the main studio that I’ve attended. Within a week after completing my TT, I had accomplished all of these goals (the practice will continue to deepen I’m sure), yet I desired more. Now, I have the desire to (as a 20 year teacher friend of mine says) “Share the Yoga Love.”

Thanks for sharing Johnny! Check the schedule to see when you can join Johnny on your mat for Karma Yoga Fridays 11:30 – 12:20.