Teacher Spotlight: Erin

Our Teacher Spotlights (lovingly curated by Clara) were so popular on our Facebook page that we’ve decided to recreate them here!

Favorite asana: “Viparita Karani (Legs Up The Wall), because 1) it was the first yoga pose taught in the first class I ever went to in 1999; and 2) it’s my mental and physical reset button when I’m tired.”

What I like most about teaching: “Everything! I actually wrote a blog post about it awhile ago. But if I have to single out one thing, it’s this: Teaching yoga allows me to share what I’m truly passionate about –  the teachings that have been passed down to me by my teachers, the empowerment of taking an active role in one’s own wellness, and the beauty of a practice that meets you exactly where you are.”

My favorite non-yoga activity: “It’s a tie between cooking and riding my bike. I’ve always loved cooking. It’s a mix between art and science. I especially love finding ways to make food that’s both incredibly healthy and decadently delicious. For the past four years I’ve volunteered in the Edmonton Folk Festival Site Kitchen, cooking up gigantic amounts of yummy food for my fellow volunteers. I also love exploring the city on my bike. I commute by bike for about 8 months of the year, and this year I plan to keep going right through the winter!”

Something you don’t know about me: “This winter I will be starting an aquaponics operation with my husband and a few friends! Aquaponics integrates growing fish with growing veggies without soil. Water from fish tanks provides nutrients for veggies, and the plants purify the water for the fish.”