Teacher spotlight: Eileen

Day 8 of teacher profiles and its time to check in with the yogi who started it all; our mamma owl Eileen!

What is your favorite yoga asana? “My favorite asana right now is tadasana. It’s the basis of so many postures for good alignment. It’s seems so easy to get into but there is so much happening when you start to break down the posture. I love the strength I feel when I am standing in my mountain and the focus I settle into while in the posture.”

What do you like most about teaching? “Meeting and getting to know the yogis and yoginis that show up on their mat is my favorite part if teaching. I have made some many amazing friends on this journey ♡ ”

What is your favorite non-yoga activity? “My favorite non yoga activity is eating!! I love to bring people together and sharing delicious food and drinks. ”

One thing we don’t know about you? “As much as I love to eat, I am a terrible cook.”

We are so blessed to learn and be inspired by Eileen the creator and owner of Red Owl every week on the mat.