Teacher spotlight: Clara

Teacher spotlight day 6! Let’s check in with Clara.

What is your favorite yoga asana? “Agnistambhasana (log pose). I LOVE anything that opens up the hips!”

What do you like most about teaching? “I didn’t become a yoga teacher on purpose (ha!). I went to India in 2014 solely for self exploration and to enhance my Ashtanga practice. I came away a teacher! What I love most about teaching is that I am supporting others in their attainment of health and wellbeing. As a teacher I also love that I can share what yoga is to me, which is less about moving the body and more about developing our consciousness as human begins.

What is your favorite non-yoga activity? “Mathius and I just got a puppy (Duke), so my newest activity is potty training and taking very slow walks because Duke’s ears are longer than his legs and he trips every couple of steps :-)”

One thing we don’t know about you? “Aside from teaching yoga I work as a birth doula and childbirth educator. I have a strong passion for women’s rights and their right to give birth where, with whom, and how they choose. The current system of birth is plagued with negative messages, policies, and professionals who have lost sight of the natural strength and intelligence of the female body. My work is to support a shift in consciousness so women go into birth feeling educated and in control of how their child enters this world.”