Teacher spotlight: Carie

Day 5 of TEACHER SPOTLIGHTS! Today we check-in with the talented Carie.

Favorite pose: “My favorite pose is savasana. I always joke about how I’m a lazy yogi because I love this pose so much, but in reality savasana used to be one of the hardest poses for me because I would either fall asleep or lay there wishing it would just end so I could move on to whatever I had planned to do after class. It took many years of practice to be comfortable just laying there with myself doing nothing, with no demands on my body or mind. Now I savour savasana because it may be the only 5 minutes of my day that I have to myself.”

Something people don’t know about me: “I am a Yogakids apprentice teacher and love teaching yoga to children whenever I can. I think it is important for kids to be involved in activities that are completely non-competitive so that they can develop empathy and compassion for their fellow humans, rather than always striving to be better than the kid next to them. I will be finished my Yogakids certification by April 2016 and look forward to bringing yoga into schools across Edmonton.

What do you like most about teaching? “Being totally present in the moment.”

What is your favorite non-yoga activity? “Volunteering at my daughter’s school – I like seeing the kids learn new things (and learning a few new things myself!). Last year we did City Hall School and this year we get to go to Zoo School!

One thing we don’t know about you? I was a competitive 5-pin bowler.”