Light Your Inner Fire with Red Owl Yoga’s Six-Week Challenge!

Are you looking to take your practice to the next level? We’re stoked to offer a great way to challenge yourself and incorporate a regular yoga practice into your life with our 6- week yoga challenge. From February 8 to March 18, practice at least 3 times per week with Red Owl Yoga and reap the benefits of a stronger, more balanced you. All students who successfully complete our 6-week yoga challenge will also receive one month of free unlimited yoga classes PLUS a special discount on registration for our upcoming Red Owl “mini-retreat” in Edmonton on April 24th.

Here are the details:

  • Register in person at one of our classes or via email at;
  • An investment of $140 is due upon registration (cash, cheque, or e-transfer to Please note that this payment is non-refundable.
  • Challenge participants will have unlimited access to all Red Owl Yoga classes during the 6-week challenge timeframe (February 8 to March 18).*
  • To successfully complete the 6-week challenge, participants must attend at least 18 Red Owl Yoga classes during the 6-week challenge period. You may attend multiple classes in one day if you wish.
  • Participants are responsible for signing themselves in during each class they attend. A special sign-in sheet for challengers will be provided.
  • Participants who attend at least 18 Red Owl Yoga classes between February 8 and March 18 will receive one month’s worth of unlimited free classes from March 21 to April 20, inclusive. That means you’ll have access to 10 weeks of unlimited yoga for only $140!
  • If you have any other questions, feel free to ask any of our amazing yoga instructors or email us at

We can’t wait to see you on your mat more often!

*Please note that our Friday Karma class at 11:30 is by donation only. Challenge participants can still attend and receive credit towards their challenge goal; however, we ask that challenge participants attending Karma classes make a small monetary donation to support our fundraising efforts for the Syrian Emergency Relief Fund.*