A mindful class in which the practitioner moves through yoga postures at a pace suitable for exploration and learning, with particular focus on proper alignment and breath. Great for beginners as well as more experienced students who wish to slow down and deepen their knowledge of the postures and the more subtle aspects of yoga.

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Organic Yoga:

Sometimes, we need a reminder of our true nature. Shake your practice up with sounds, grunts, moans, and roars. Try some familiar, and some not-so-familiar breathing techniques. Break out of restrictive patterns by diving into free-flow movement and non-traditional poses. Find new ways of moving on your mat, and in your life!

Like our weather, the focus of this class may change wildly from week to week, so come dressed in layers. Some days we’ll build heat through movement, some days our focus will be breath or various meditations. You’ll get the most from this class if you’re a little more experienced at yoga, but it’s not necessary to come have fun!

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 Gentle Hatha:

An even gentler version of our Hatha class, created to accommodate a wide range of bodies and abilities. With a particular focus on finding more accessible ways in and out of postures, as well as easier modifications of postures, this class is a great entry point if you’re uncertain about where to begin with Yoga. Questions are encouraged as yogis and yoginis are led to find and explore their comfortable edge without pushing.

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Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics:

In the process of Self Awakening Yoga (SAY) you learn to become your own best teacher. You learn to use your body’s signals to devise new and effective ways of entering into movement and postures that may seem difficult or challenging. By slowing down and listening to the messages your body sends through increased sensation and by listening to your body’s wisdom, you will always discover possibilities that you never noticed before. The SAY methodology is experiential and provides a lifetime of tools for self-awareness and practice. Eileen is excited to bring this healing practice from the Nosara Yoga Institute to Edmonton!


 Vinyasa Flow:

Vinyasa is a quicker, more energetically-demanding class than Hatha. These classes help to stimulate the cardiovascular system while incorporating a variety of postures activating various areas of the body, the glandular system, and the energetic and subtle bodies. During each class, we’ll flow through creative sequences stringing together both static and fluid postures to cultivate heat in the physical body, calmness in the mind, and conscious awareness through breath. Previous experience with Hatha or Vinyasa is not necessary, but will definitely help you to get the most out of this class.

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Yin Yoga:

Slow down and sink in. Yin is a different style of yoga, where static postures are held for a few minutes at a time, allowing the practitioner to move deep into fascia and connective tissue. By creating a slow, supportive environment, Yin can facilitate deep physical, emotional, and energetic release. This is the perfect complement after a Vinyasa or Hatha session.

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A gentle practice that incorporates both Yin and Restorative Yoga poses to gently open the body and calm the nervous system. Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic method of holding passive poses for several minutes at a time while the body is supported with props such as blankets and cushions. It can help switch off the sympathetic nervous system response (“fight or flight”) and switch on the parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and restore”). Suitable for beginners and those with limited physical mobility, or anyone looking for respite from a busy day.


Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra, also known as “yogic sleep”, is a practice of deep relaxation through guided meditation. Originating in India, Yoga Nidra has been used to reduce stress, improve mental focus, and generate emotional balance. It’s suitable for all levels of physical ability as it is practiced in complete stillness while lying in savasana (corpse pose).

Nidra is the ideal antidote to our busy, task-oriented lives. In deep relaxation and meditative states, we can actually change the frequency of our brain waves from Beta (intense alertness) to Theta (a dream-like state where we can access our unconscious) or even Delta (deep relaxation and a feeling of oneness). Many students become so relaxed in Yoga Nidra that they simply fall asleep! For more information about this transformative practice, click here.

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 Karma Yoga:

Karma Yoga is how we give back to the Edmonton community. Each Friday, enjoy a practice and know that your donation is supporting a local nonprofit.

Red Owl instructors both old and new will be contributing to these classes, so expect a variety of styles! Donations are on a sliding scale, so pay what you can (recommended $5-$10), or you can use your yoga pass to drop in.

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Slow Flow Yoga:

For beginners and experienced yogis alike – Explore yoga postures through slow movement and body awareness exercises geared at strengthening, preserving and awakening mobility throughout the body.  

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